EXEED Program from the SEAI

(Excellence in Energy Efficient Design Program)

One of the best ways to take your energy performance to a ‘best in class’ level is to engage in the SEAI’s excellent new EXEED programEXEED is a certified program from SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) that applies an Energy Efficient Design Management framework to optimize energy performance and energy management. The program substantially improves energy efficiency & reduces energy cost.  A big advantage of this program is that it is supported by generous grant aid. EXEED offers up to a 30% cap grant  (with maximum level of €250k (i.e. 30% on cap spend of €833k). In addition, it is also possible to get energy credit grants on top which are based on kWh savings achieved.

In the attached example, the trade magazine for the electrical industry in Ireland – electric.ie – outlines a project we just completed in the University of Limerick’s Plassey Sports center. This is an example of a project with great execution delivered on time and budget.

You can see the article by clicking here to Page 60-61.