Live Power Readings

Sub Metering and Reporting

The SmartPower Controller supports a variety of common meter inputs protocols including M-BUS, MODBUS and Pulse inputs. This allows and extensive range of meters to be added to the single SmartServer. It is also normally very straight forward to add existing metering installations to our data reporting package. Energy usage is recorded at selectable intervals, typically 1/2 hourly. This data is stored on the SmartServer and automatically sent to a web based database, which allows the customer or consultant to carry out real time monitoring, features such as SMS alarming are supported. By installing sub-meters, inefficient use and inappropriate scheduling is highlighted. EACH sub-meter / pulse connected to the SmartServer can be configured to send alarms via an SMS message if readings are outside configurable ranges and or times. This can prevent the inadvertent wastage of energy by lights or equipment being left energised for longer than necessary.

  • MODBUS is generally used for electrical metering.
  • M-BUS is generally used for heat and hot water metering.
  • PULSE inputs are useful to connecting directly to water, gas and ESB Networks meters.

The SmartServerĀ“s built-in web communication, I/O capabilities, flexible installation, and multiple connectivity options make it an versatile low-cost infrastructure to optimize energy use in hotels, retail chains, large commercial buildings, or process industry.

This data is read into a database on our server, we can slice, dice and combine your data/ reports any way required. In addition, we can combine real time CO2 Emissions / Intensity / Wind Output from Eirgrid with Wholesale half hour pricing rates and your data to give up-to-date usable information (and alarms) on running costs/ CO2 emissions.